Training IT professionals in a smarter way. That’s what we do best at Master it Training and that’s what motivates us. For this reason, we keep our eyes wide open when it comes to innovation in terms of education. For example, we identify which learning method is the most profitable for you as a course participant regarding your professional success as an IT professional. Therefore, we offer you – as the first IT-educator in the Netherlands – Active Learning; an innovative but scientifically solid proven learning method.

Check here why we are so excited about Active Learning (and we think you will be too).

The 5 main advantages of Active Learning
With Active Learning you will be coached on the development of skills that are crucial for you as an IT professional. The method is well aligned with the way people learn and it takes into account what you already know. If you think about it, it is pretty obvious.

You decide the learning pace
Research shows your results of studying are significantly better when you are the one that decides how fast you go through the courseware. That’s because you are not depended on the pace of the class or the trainer. You have enough space to form your own ideas and to ask in-depth questions. You are not bound by specific training days or hours you have to attend class. You are the one that’s in control!
The trainer is coaching you in defining your learning track.
Therefore you don’t waste time on difficult and time-consuming subjects that you don’t even really use in your work environment. You only learn what’s important and useful for you.

You remember and comprehend new learning material better.
Because you actively work with the subjects that are relevant to you, everything will be a lot easier to understand. This is totally different than passively listening to general information that goes in one ear and out the other. Are you struggling with a subject? Then you can get all the time and guidance you need. You can just ask your coach questions at any time in a personal setting. You have a lot of interaction with your coach in comparison to traditional classroom training, to make sure you achieve your learning goals.
Everything revolves around putting the knowledge you gained into practice.
You train under supervision by putting knowledge into practice in the ‘real world’. You always keep in mind why you are learning something and how you are going to use these skills and knowledge you acquired in your daily working environment.
Active Learning enlarges your analytical and problem-solving ability.
You will be trained in inventive problem solving, this is essential in various IT positions. The focus lies at critical thinking and in addition, Active Learning also stimulates creativity. Win-win!

Our coaches have ‘what it takes’
With Active Learning everything stands or falls with the quality of your coach. Our Active Learning Coaches know, with their broad knowledge and many years of experience, how they can train students into IT Masters. That’s their power. They are the ones that make Active Learning so effective – and Master it Training one of the leading IT-educators of the Netherlands.